Here, you'll find all the Guitar Tablatures of my Guitar Arrangements.

About me and how it all started

Hey Guys! My name is Chaitanya Gupta. I'm 13 years old and I am an aspiring Graphic Designer and a Guitarist. I make original content online at my Instagram Page (@chaitanyazone). I find interest in making guitar arrangements of the songs made by the professionals out there.  It all started when I saw my classmate playing guitar in the music class in school. At that point, I realized I've never seen a person playing an acoustic guitar and I wanted to have a go on this. I borrowed his guitar and started doing random irritating things that mostly beginner guitarists do like strumming all the strings in various directions. And, I really enjoyed it. At that moment, I was like, I NEED A GUITAR. Luckily I had a guitar already at my house. It was just that it required some strings as some strings were missing and was out of tune. In a week, it got all sorted and I was good to go! After that, I started bringing my guitar to school. From that day till today, I worked hard on that instrument and I'm really happy that I've come across this. 

"I feel pain on my fingers when I start the song but it gives POWER to my soul when I end it." - Chaitanya Gupta

Here's how you can get your hands on the tablature

When you have to look up for the tablature for a specific song that I have covered, you just have to go to a website called - This is an official sub-domain of chaitanyazone where you can find the tablature for the songs that I have covered.